Ladies and gentlemen, for some unknown reason you have stumbled upon my little corner of cyberspace. Therefore, allow me to bid you the heartiest of welcomes. I hope you find the time you pass here to be informative and stimulating.

Naturally, it would first behoove me to state my purpose in writing and maintaining this blog. However, I’m not quite certain what that is, or perhaps more appropriately, what that will become. This is merely something of a repository for my random musings about subjects philosophical, political, religious, cultural, literary, and so forth. To nail it down further than that seems rather unnecessary; let us instead simply see where this goes.

I shall hope to update this at least weekly, but I make no guarantees. Suggestions for topics are most certainly welcomed, after, of course, this has been active for a while and you (and I) can better infer what would seem appropriate here. I should note that civil and polite behaviour is expected at all times in the comments, that I shall be the judge of what is civil and polite, and that there is no court of higher appeal. It is sad that I should have to mention this, but such are the times we inhabit.

In any case, I repeat my welcomes and hope you enjoy your time here. A first essay ought to be posted within a week.


About mpalardy

Pro-Culture, Pro-Tradition, Unapologetically Catholic
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